If you don't stop internal friction, all health care will be futile.

If you don't stop internal friction, all health care will be futile.
May we all stop internal friction and start our health from the heart.



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in modern society, everyone has uncontrollable moments, unspeakable pressure and grievances.

as soon as he is over 30, his body seems to be going downhill. As a last resort, many people begin to pay attention to the matter of "keeping good health":

or soak a few Chinese wolfberries in an insulation cup and drink a portion of peace of mind;

or put on autumn clothes early when it is cold, long johns, so as not to let yourself catch cold.

but the most fundamental way to preserve one's health is to nourish the mind first.

if there is no worry, the day will be simple; if the heart is not confused, life will be easy.

as Zeng Guofan said:

"things come to adapt, the future is not welcome, the present is not miscellaneous, the past is not in love."

to live a refreshing and comfortable life, we must first deal with the relationship between ourselves and ourselves, reduce worries about gains and losses, and learn to let nature take its course.

the following eight methods are for your reference.

when we reduce unnecessary internal friction, we can travel light and smile.

set "No reminder" on moments

do you have this habit?

as soon as I see the red dot prompt on the mobile phone app, I want to click on it, otherwise I feel as uncomfortable as a cat scratching.

posted a moments, always picked up the phone every few minutes, eager to get a response and like, if not, it is inevitable to lose.

in that small screen, there is so much information that we are so attracted that we fall into it unwittingly.

when I looked back, I found that the planned work had not been done well and the original task had not been completed, and I could not stop my remorse and frustration.

I've been through this pain before.

to get rid of the feeling of being "tied up" by moments, try setting the "No reminder" feature.

turn off the message reminder function on WeChat moments, focus on work and study first, and then slowly deal with the information on social software when you are done.

in this way, isn't it wonderful that we can be more focused and live a simpler life now?

quit redundant group chat

my friend told me that she cleared the memory of her phone yesterday and found that she had joined more than 70 group chats.

some groups share parenting experiences, some complain about their husbands, and others like and canvass votes. In short, various groups make her stay up from late night to early morning countless times.

in fact, just joined the group chat, is to find like-minded people, we communicate together, find that tacit understanding, it is really good.

calm down and think, do we really need that much group chat?

if you have three or five true friends, you can share your worries and solve your worries; if you have two or three real group chats, you can comfort each other.

if there is something particularly important and urgent, we can make a phone call and make an appointment to meet without the need to communicate in the group.

take the initiative to choose

I have heard such a story.

A donkey was very hungry and was looking around for food when he suddenly found two piles of straw in front of him.

however, when it reached the middle of the two piles of straw, the excitement disappeared.

because the two piles of straw looked fresh and tender, he didn't know which pile to eat. He was in a dilemma for a long time and finally starved to death.

the situation faced by this donkey is what we usually call selection difficulty, also known as choice phobia.

I don't know since when, more and more people are afraid to choose:

from what to eat in the morning, where to play on weekends, to choose work and partner, as long as there is more than one alternative, you will be nervous, anxious and uneasy.

always want to weigh the pros and cons, always want to reduce losses, but the result is a waste of time and effort, the result is not as good as I thought.

instead of doing this, you might as well be bold, put aside your fears and worries, take the initiative to make choices, and accept the results.

No matter which road you take, there is always charming scenery.

reject perfectionism

observed the people around me and found a strange phenomenon:

A total of five exams, obviously four full marks, simply not too good, but the eyes of the parties are only that subject that did not get full marks, so they are unhappy.

hard work to lose weight, two hours of exercise every day, absolute perseverance is commendable, but the person concerned said that he has not yet become a star-like figure, so unhappy.

everything wants to achieve 100 points, and everything pursues perfection, so it carries a huge burden in the invisible.

whenever there is a little difference, you will feel depressed and disappointed.

even, for fear of failure and mistakes, simply refuse to start, no matter how dare not take the first step, can only procrastinate.

psychologist Paul Hewitt said:

"setting high standards and pursuing excellence is the expression of positive character, but perfectionism is the result of dysfunction."


because perfectionism means that people always pay attention to their own defects, they try to change the situation by becoming perfect.

from now on, abandon the obsession of perfectionism, as long as you try your best, fight for it, and give it, even if the result is not ideal, it doesn't matter.

Life is so beautiful that instead of being perfectly controlledTo bind righteousness, it is better to let go of your hands and feet, take action immediately, feel it heartily and experience it freely.

do not act in front of others

how long has it been since you've been honest with yourself?

have you worn a mask for so long that you are no longer used to showing your true self?

in daily life, in order to be noticed and admired, some people will get used to acting, pretending to have a harmonious relationship between husband and wife, pretending to work smoothly, and pretending that they are not stressed.

We know that because we have told a lie, to fulfill this lie, we need to cover it up with more lies.

over time, the original pretend to be just a moment of excitement, but become a heavy burden, we try our best to disguise ourselves, living embarrassed and tired.

listen to your heart, look at your smile and feel the real life. You will find that it is better to be honest with yourself than to act in front of others.

leave time to the people and things you care about, to feel good, to cherish happiness.

when you sleep well, your health is guaranteed and your happiness is based.

from tonight on, let go of your worries and get some sleep. Happiness and happiness will come quietly.

stop belittling yourself

Research shows that those who live a high-spirited life will always affirm and encourage themselves, while those who become more and more depressed will unconsciously belittle and deny themselves.

when they are used to self-deprecation, it is very easy to drift with the current, muddle along and lose the strength to move forward.

so, how can we change this situation?

you can change your way of speaking, use more positive words to motivate yourself and inject courage and confidence into yourself.

for example:

this job is really not easy, but I have a strong ability to learn. I am not afraid of hardship, and I can make achievements by gritting my teeth.

he is really good around me, but I am not bad. I am considerate, neither humble nor arrogant, and deserve to be happy.

Darling, you are smarter, braver, cute and strong than you think.

when you learn to like yourself, your whole body will exude a warm aura. If you unconsciously attract others to get closer, you can also gain more beauty and warmth.

regular schedule

for a time, I always stayed up late.

at first, I was taking care of the children, and then I was addicted to writing. I was very sleepy, but I didn't want to sleep. I comforted myself to take a nap at noon the next day so that I could be alive.

as a result, I was very busy at work the next day. I only felt dizzy and forced to finish my work. When I got home, I just felt like I was falling apart.

to make matters worse, it is even more difficult to stay up all night after the age of 30 to replenish your energy by sleeping in.

later, I tried to adjust my schedule. When the child fell asleep, I went to bed immediately.

the manuscript is in a hurry, so you can get up two hours early the next day to write.

No matter how much I worry, I will leave it behind and go to bed before 10:00 in the evening.

slowly, I smile more, my eyes are brighter, and my heart is at ease.

A good sleep is the easiest way to maintain good health.

Multi-point learning mentality

when we walk the world, we will inevitably encounter all kinds of difficulties and challenges.

if you treat life as a competition, you may win, but after fighting hard, you may lose your creativity and the ability to perceive happiness.

and you regard life as the object of study, try to understand the meaning behind the pain, and actively get closer to those who are better than you, then you will have peace of mind and act upward.

Minand said: "those who learn to learn are very happy."

every day, you are full of energy, to know new things, to learn new knowledge, as long as you keep an open mind, you will always encounter unexpected wonders.

Mr. Yang Jiang said:


We were so looking forward to the recognition of the outside world that we finally knew that the world was our own and had nothing to do with others.


when people reach middle age, they suddenly realize that our greatest friend and enemy is not others, but ourselves.

if we cannot accept ourselves and let go of our hearts, we will fall into a vicious circle of self-attack and self-depletion.

, may we all stop internal friction and start our health from the heart, so that every day will be interesting and have no regrets.