How many people fell into the "nightgown trap"?

How many people fell into the "nightgown trap"?
Human desire is like an expanding balloon.



in France in the 18th century, there was a philosopher named Dennis Diderot.

one day, a friend gave him a beautiful nightgown, which Diderot liked very much.

but when he walks around the study in his nightgown, he always feels that the furniture is either dilapidated or in the wrong style.

so, in order to match his nightgown, he changed the old furniture in the house one by one.

after the furniture had taken on a new look, he stared at the old mottled walls in the room.

he spent a lot of money on redecorating the house from beginning to end.

when the house was renovated, he thought he would smile with satisfaction, but unexpectedly, he thought the house was too small and wanted to change the villa.

in this way, he not only spent all his savings, but also owed a lot of foreign debt.

before long, the creditors began to collect debts, his wife quarreled with him every day, and his whole life was in a complete mess.

this is the famous "nightgown trap":

when you have a nice nightgown, then you want brand-new furniture, and then you yearn for high-end decoration.

the more you want, the more you lack, and eventually fall into an endless abyss in the pursuit of material things.

too much desire is the root of pain

everyone faces a "nightgown trap". It could be a new dress, a good meal, anything you want.

once your greed is aroused, you can only be captured by it and be pushed around.

I have seen a fable called "Fire Box".

A soldier got a fire box from the witch.

with it, it can summon the magic dog and help people realize any wish.

but each time you use it, the flame of the fire box will be dimmed.

at first, he asked the magic dog to steal from passers-by. After getting the money, he immediately stayed in a luxury hotel and ate a lot of food and drink every day.

after all the profligacy, he continued to ask the magic dog to steal more things.

later, he thought that the money was too slow, so he directly ordered the magic dog to rob businesses and banks.

by plunder, his wealth grew rapidly and his heart became more and more inflated.

in order to become the richest man in the world, one day he ordered the magic dog to bring more wealth.

after a while, his house was filled with all kinds of treasures.

but just then, the fire box ran out of energy and went out completely.

the next day, the king sent for him, put him in prison and sentenced him to death.

when widespread greed erodes reason, the result is like the soldier in the story, destroying himself with his own hands.

Human desire is like an expanding balloon.

as you keep chasing more material comforts, the balloon will get bigger and bigger and will eventually burst.

lust is hard to fill, and if a person is driven by greed, he will eventually be swallowed up by uncontrolled desires.

only by controlling desire can one control life

I have read the story of the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates.

one day, several students encouraged him to go for a stroll in the busy market.

they said, "there are so many things in the bazaar. You must come back with a full load when you go there!"

Socrates agreed to the student's suggestion and decided to have a look.

the next day, as soon as he entered the class, the students immediately gathered around and asked him to talk about the fruits of his fair trip.

Socrates looked at everyone and said slowly:

"I really have a great harvest this time, that is, I found that there are so many things in this world that I don't need.


although the material world is numerous and complicated, there are few necessities for a person to survive.

only by knowing abstinence can we get rid of the fog of desire and focus on our goals.

Li Shufu, founder of Geely, is worth hundreds of millions, but he is extremely "stingy" in daily life.

in an interview with CCTV, Li Shufu took off his shoes on the spot and showed them to reporters.

he said that this pair of shoes are made by a small enterprise in Zhejiang Province. They are good in quality and cheap and cost only 80 yuan. He has been wearing them for two years.

and the price of his shirt is 30 yuan and his suit is 300 yuan.

because it was very easy to wear, he once inspected his subordinate enterprises and was kept out of the door.

the security guard who stopped him said that the building "does not allow migrant workers to enter or leave."

A reporter once said to him: you are dressed so shabby that you don't look like a rich man at all.

Li Shufu smiled: "Life is simple so that you can not be disturbed and concentrate on your own career."

it is the ease of control of material desires that enables him to devote himself wholeheartedly to the development of the enterprise, and finally makes Geely one of the leaders of private cars.

Zhuangzi once said: "things but not things."

people should control foreign things and not be enslaved by them.

only by self-restraint, abandoning unnecessary desires and reducing superfluous needs can we get rid of the control of desire.

leave your time and energy to the things that really matter and keep your life firmly in your own hands.

people live to the extreme

low material configuration, high spiritual configuration

in 1983, historian GE Jianxiong published the population Theory of the Western Han Dynasty, and the contribution fee for that year was 5000 yuan.

At that time, he had just graduated from his doctorate and worked in the Institute of History of Fudan University with a monthly salary of 500 yuan.

this fee is a considerable income for him.

although the economy has become well-off, his food, clothing, housing and transportation are still the same, not wearing good clothes and famous watches.

someone advised him to buy some brand-name clothes for himself, but he refused, saying that "wearing a famous brand is a burden."

remember what Zhou Guoping said:

"as long as a person is willing to restrain his desires and be satisfied with a relatively simple life, the territory of life will be wider.


material prosperity will only add a burden to life. What is really important for a person is to pursue spiritual growth.

Einstein is a world-famous great scientist, but his life is very simple.

when he was in Germany, he lived in an ordinary old apartment, usually dressed in two old coats and changed back and forth.

the school offered him a high standard of treatment, but he politely declined it. His request was:

there is milk, biscuits, fruit, a bed, a desk and a chair, plus a violin.

Princeton University planned to hire him with the highest annual salary of $16000 at the time, but he said:

"so many? Can you give me a little less? 3000 dollars will be enough. "

when a friend asked him why he refused a higher salary, Einstein replied:

Dress and appear sumptuous in our fashionable full sleeve evening gowns. Stop searching at ridiculously over-priced retailers and buy here now.

"extra property is a stumbling block to life; a simple life can give me the motivation to create."

for him, money is all external things, and only inner fullness and fullness is the real wealth.

likes the saying: "Free men live in huts, and slaves live under marble and gold."

instead of sinking in material desires, learn to break away from desires.

put aside the thoughts of asking for but not getting, and stop the never-ending chase.

add more to the spirit in order to see the beauty and truth of life and enjoy the abundance and abundance of the soul.

in an interview, cartoonist Cai Zhizhong mentioned his principle of life:

live the simplest material life and do the richest spiritual thinking.

Daily dress is a white shirt and casual pants, plus a pair of old but clean cloth shoes.

his friends said that he was too miserable, but he didn't care. He read and created books every day and lived a full and happy life.

architect Ludwig Vandero once said a concept: less is more.

the same is true of life, the less the demand, the simpler the material, so that life can be comfortable and rich.