Guo Jingjing was collectively ostracized by the ladies of the Hong Kong circle, and her private life was exposed: wake up and marry a wealthy family!

Guo Jingjing was collectively ostracized by the ladies of the Hong Kong circle, and her private life was exposed: wake up and marry a wealthy family!
Being able to play your cards well is the winner in life.


not long ago, a group photo of the gathering of the Hong Kong Lady Troupe was exposed.

includes hundreds of billions of socialites, including Xu Ziqi and Michelle Reis, but Guo Jingjing, who is also a "rich wife".

it is widely rumored on the Internet that the Hong Kong ladies' circle collectively rejects Guo Jingjing.

however, the truth behind it is not that simple.

Guo Jingjing, who was photographed by the Hong Kong media as "wearing a piece of clothing with a 50-cent head rope for many years," is indeed not as frugal as a lady.

this is obviously very different from socialites who like luxury.

but she became the only one who was called "married" to a wealthy family rather than "high".

Guo Jingjing was born into an ordinary family in Baoding, Hebei Province, while her husband, Huo Qigang, was born with a golden spoon.

when they first broke out of their relationship, many of them sang down in a loud voice.

however, Guo Jingjing responded to all the questions with one sentence:

"he is a big family, I am a champion, there are many big families, but there are not many Olympic champions."

at that time, Guo Jingjing also made an agreement with Huo Qigang that falling in love should not delay training and could not get married before retirement.

even after retirement, she did not immediately enter the marriage hall, but chose to go to the United Kingdom for further study to enrich her knowledge.

Guo Jingjing, who married into the Huo family, has always lived a tough life and has never compromised because of a powerful family.

Father-in-law Huo Zhenting wanted to see his grandson. Guo Jingjing stopped him from the door, saying that the child must finish his homework before he could play with his grandfather.

because she didn't want to take part in family disputes, she and her husband moved out of the mansion and lived a small life with peace of mind.

compared to the luxurious enjoyment of jewelry, Guo Jingjing is more immersed in the trivialities of firewood, rice and salt, and the family of three take their children to experience "farm music."

Huo Qigang, as the CEO of the 10 billion Group, is willing to wash her hands and make vegetable soup himself.

in her marriage with the son of a wealthy family, Guo Jingjing is full of self-confidence that she is "neck and neck".

it was precisely because of her self-confidence that she touched the depths of Huo Qigang's heart, and the two kept the same pace in spirit.

Guo Jingjing's legendary experience gives countless girls a perfect dream template.

in the eyes of many people, marrying into a wealthy family is almost tantamount to a lifetime of food and clothing, unlimited scenery.

so they would rather squeeze their heads out than fight for that "glory".

the ever-expanding material desire has given birth to a hidden "grey" industrial chain.

Young girls eager to realize their beauty are concentrated in a "matrimonial preparatory class".

there is only one purpose: fishing for a rich son-in-law.

the first lesson of the introduction is to make a makeover and create a uniform Internet celebrity.

they often go to the same place, wearing the same clothes and carrying the same brand-name bags, trying to create a white, rich and beautiful image.

well-connected mentors will take students to high-end private parties, students find a good goal, combined with previously learned pick-up skills, as long as the fish take the bait, the next step is fish pond management.

many girls lamented: the distance between me and my rich wife is only one training class.

but will you be able to live a good life if you marry into a wealthy family?

he Wenna, who also holds the title of "Olympic champion", has a completely different experience with Guo Jingjing.

earlier, he Wenna confirmed a romantic relationship with billionaire producer Liang Chao, who went viral on Weibo because of differences in the wedding.

during pregnancy, he Wenna could not smell the smoke, but Liang Chao threw the cigarette butts into his own trash can.

he Wenna asked him to take the flower dew to taste.

how does Liang Chao do it?

he showed great impatience, accusing he Wenna of being too nagging and directly telling his wife to "shut up".

because of the physiological reaction during pregnancy, he Wenna feels sick every time she eats meat.

but her mother-in-law forced her on the grounds of her child, saying, "if you don't like it, you have to eat it, but you have to eat it."

everything can be traced to the humility of he Wenna.

she once confessed to her extreme lack of self-confidence.

because I have endured 20 years of training, I don't rush to work after retirement, but just want to enjoy life.

did not expect that this marriage not only did not redeem itself, but depended on people everywhere to make a living.

even if Olympic champions are treated in this way, the family status of women who lack halo protection is even more precarious.

Wu Pei-ci, the most beautiful woman in Taiwan, gave birth to wealthy businessman Ji Xiaobo for four children, and there is no prospect of becoming a regular worker.

"hundreds of billions of wife" Xu Ziqi, despite her boundless scenery, she is actually restricted in food and clothing.

what is even more frightening is that the rich and powerful families are very superstitious in the pursuit of good days and auspicious days. Xu Ziqi's four births are all caesarean sections.

Xi Mengyao could only stay in a hotel even if she gave birth to the first eldest grandson of the Wang family, and her mother-in-law quickly disbanded her personal studio.

as soon as he enters the rich and powerful family, it is as deep as the sea, probably.

their experiences are all saddening when they spend their whole lives in exchange for splendor and wealth.

there is a hot question on Zhihu: will the rich second generation take a fancy to poor girls?

some respondents shared their true experiences.

after getting married and having children, the husband has less and less time to go home. There was a rumor that he had someone out there.

until one day, the respondent heard her husband's phone through the door and knew that there was another woman in his life.

at first, the husband would apologize to the respondent, saying verbally that he had broken up with each other, but later found out that it was all perfunctory.

before hearing such shameless words, the respondent would not hesitate to turn around and leave.

but in these eight years, she has become a sheep in marriage.

being kept in captivity and waiting for her husband to feed him, he has lost the capital to argue except to take care of the children.

being immersed in the online world for a long time often gives us an illusion.

thinks that even if Cinderella achieves nothing, she will one day be favored by the prince.

looking at all the cases, there are very few happy ending that fairy tales shine into reality.

cling to the values of others to live, more often, but end up with a cruel ending.

there is a very popular saying on the Internet: "

Marriage is a shortcut to twenty years of less struggle.


there is nothing wrong with saying so.

but in my opinion, truly outstanding women never bet on marriage, they all choose to live into a rich family.

in 2009, having been dormant in show business for many years, Li Zi, known as "the most beautiful Zhao Min", announced her withdrawal at the peak of her career.

three months later, she married Ma Tingqiang, a Hong Kong businessman who was 16 years older and had a disability.

With our wedding dress with lace sleeves you know that you made a perfect choice. Different varieties of shapes and cuts for you to take your pick.

there was a roar from the outside world.

the only thing is that the appearance of the two is too wide.

at that time, public opinion was overwhelming and it was decided that she chose this marriage for money.

Li Zi did not respond to all kinds of rumors and just disappeared into public view.

I thought she was preoccupied with being a rich lady, but she was enriching herself all the time.

Li Zi was not satisfied with teaching her husband and children. She began to learn business from her husband, took over the clinic run by her younger brother, and did everything herself, without ambiguity.

finally went public at the age of 47.

she has changed from a vase in the entertainment circle to a vigorous and strong woman.

Let's take a look at the real Shuangwen hostess Dong Mingzhu.

Life is enough to be described by the word "open and hang".

36 years old, resigned and went south to work and became a Gree salesman. He recovered 420000 of the debts left by his predecessor in 40 days.

38-year-old, personal sales exceeded 16 million yuan, accounting for 8% of the whole company, creating an industry myth;

58 years old, was appointed chairman of Gree Group;

66-year-old, live broadcast with goods, sales reached 700 million that night, the highest transaction record in the home appliance industry.

such a woman never hides her ambition and is in control of every step she takes.

No matter how bad the script is, it can be turned against the wind in Miss Dong's hands.

with her tenacity and persistence, she walked out a path that no one else could copy.

as Liang Wendao said, "

it is important that women have something that no one else can take away.


and this thing, I think, is independent.

an independent personality can keep you awake and know how to fight for the life you want.

only in this way, there is no need to make your partner happy with "over-dedication" and "blind attachment".

naturally, you can also be respected and appreciate each other with your partner.

whether you are looking at the wider world or dressing up as a more refined self, you will attract better and better people.

catching a Wang Fang is only half the success.

you can only win if you can play your cards well.