Guangzhou 7 girlfriends put together 4 million yuan to live together for the aged 30 years ahead of schedule: when you get old, you will spend the rest of your life so desolate!

Guangzhou 7 girlfriends put together 4 million yuan to live together for the aged 30 years ahead of schedule: when you get old, you will spend the rest of your life so desolate!
Although you can't choose to be born, you can decide how you grow old.



the new pension model is popular

"cohabitation pension"

as the saying goes, "raise children to guard against old age". When you get older, providing for the aged is probably what everyone is most concerned about.

throughout his life, everyone wants to have a sense of security and security for the elderly.

but with the development of society, many people feel that instead of finding some peace in the busyness of their children, it is better to keep company with their peers.

so now more and more people begin to "live together for the aged".

in this way, life is both comfortable and wonderful.

everyone is of the same age, there are endless topics to talk about, and there is no need to worry about the generation gap.

is like Grandma Jiangbin (92) and her best friend Wang Guilin (90) who are the envy of countless people.

in 2005, Grandma Jiang Bin's son died in a car accident, and his wife left a few years later.

in order not to put a burden on her living daughter, she was admitted to a nursing home.

I didn't expect to become good friends with Wang Menglin, who lives in a nursing home.

every morning, Grandma Jiang Bin prepares breakfast and sends it to Wang Jiulin next door.

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after eating, the two go out for a walk and chat together to start a healthy and leisurely day.

Don't want to cook, so let's order takeout together.

boredom, let's go to KTV to review a classic old song.

live a carefree life.

some people are afraid of getting old and feel that old life is boring, but life does not have a fixed template, and so is life!

who says you must take care of the children at home when you are old, who says you can't wear a beautiful dress when you are old, and who says you can't go to see the scenery outside when you are old.

instead of pinning all their spirit on their children and waiting for their children to love themselves all day long, it is better to devote their energy to themselves.

7 girlfriends in Guangzhou put together 4 million

build houses ahead of time for the aged

Guangzhou has seven girlfriends who are in their prime, but they have pooled 4 million yuan to start their pension plan 30 years ahead of schedule.

news was exposed, many people said they did not understand:

"they are too alarmist."

"I can't do anything with this money."

"what if the relationship deteriorates in the future?"

in the face of different voices from the outside world, seven of them just laughed off:

Life is your own, as long as you are happy.

they bought a dilapidated villa on the outskirts of Guangzhou and began to change it little by little according to what they had in mind.

because there are endless rice fields around the house, they also made a bamboo plank road in the rice field, and when they had nothing to do, they hid in the fields to drink tea and chat, stealing half a day's leisure.

in summer, the rice fields are green and the breeze blows, setting off layers of green waves.

in autumn, the rice fields are golden, like a golden sea, so beautiful that they suffocate.

in order to enjoy the beautiful scenery in the house, they changed the "Roman column" of the original house into a glass box.

in this way, even on a rainy day, they can look into the distance 360 degrees without a dead angle.

of course, even if seven people are in tune again, they will still have different opinions on decoration, so they simply let themselves fly and do what they want to do.

as a result, there are many rooms of very different styles in the villa.

some people like Chinese style, so they add tile eaves to the windows, echoing the surrounding green trees, not knowing that they have come to the south of the Yangtze River.

some people like simple and modern style, so they spread floor-to-ceiling windows all over the room.

has directly become a beautiful viewing room.

they also built a "leisure wilderness area" in the villa.

there is a big swimming pool, a recliner, a barbecue oven.

you can greet friends to open party here at any time!

everyone listens to the sound of frogs while having a barbecue.

many of the furnishings in the room are souvenirs they bought when they traveled together.

and the group photos distributed in every corner make the family smoke very angry.

looking at the picture of them living in harmony, everyone began to wonder, what is the relationship between these seven people, are they relatives? Or do you grow up?

neither, actually.

these seven people come from all over the country, and they don't know each other at first.

but later, due to various coincidences, we met in Guangzhou, then met, and finally became good friends who talked about everything.

10 years ago, they made a 30-year agreement:

when we are old, at the foot of the mountain in the suburbs, choose a fertile land, build 3 or 2 houses, grow 2 mu of vegetables and dig a fish pond.

melons and fruits smell, the breeze blows the face, the bright moon is in the sky, and the stars can be learned from.

Water can gargle, flowers can be eaten, and clouds can be invited.

now we are just completing this appointment ahead of time.

their home today is far away from the bustling city, with no lights, no heavy traffic, only green tiles and white walls.

maybe I saw all the people in the first half of my life.It is very prosperous, so now I am eager to be quiet.

they often do nothing for a day, just hide in the house and watch the wind and clouds surging out of the window and watch the sunrise and sunset.

of course, they also have conflicts.

but in order to avoid more conflicts, seven people set a rule!

that is, everyone must master a skill that can not only kill time, but also enrich themselves.

so everyone becomes the "unique" of the family.

some people can cook, some people can Chinese medicine, some people can grow vegetables, some people can arrange flowers.

because at present, everyone has their own career, so they don't live here every day.

so it becomes an "open space".

everyone can bring their families to live here, but every year seven people have agreed to come here for a few days to feel the pension life in advance.

they also gave this place a very good-sounding name: like hometown.

means that no matter where you go, you will eventually come back to this home.

they say:

"this family is also a trace of warmth in my heart.


what we look forward to most every year is the day when we get together, eat and chat together. I wish my retirement life would come ahead of time.

to tell you the truth, looking at their happy life, I can't help feeling:

cohabitation for the aged, it's really cool!

nowadays, many post-80s and post-90s are only children. When they get old, it is also a good choice if they have no one to help each other and live with friends.

We can take care of each other and rely on each other, and we can still have a good life.

get old later

spend the rest of your life like this

in Beijing, there is also such a group of elderly people who "support themselves in groups".

their average age is 70, and 15 people live in two adjacent houses.

when we are at home, we will wash and cook vegetables together, and any old man can cook whatever he wants.

in order to eat healthily, they also built a vegetable garden.

plant whatever you want!

living together, everyone's appetite becomes particularly good, because every meal is a big table, everyone is talking and laughing, very lively.

the main thing is! Male compatriots are no longer afraid of not having drinking friends!

when you want to have a drink once in a while, just knock on the door next door.

after drinking, you can also play mahjong with your friends, and you don't have to worry about the lack of one anymore.

in our spare time, we do square dancing together and occasionally have a party or something.

although they are acquaintances, everyone will put on exquisite stage makeup, put on gorgeous costumes, wear a beautiful hairstyle, and learn from each other's dancing skills.

the initiator of this seniority group is Geng Wan.

having retired more than 20 years ago, she did not want to drag down her children's families or disturb their lives, so she contacted her friends who had gone to the countryside in the northern wilderness.

did not expect that everyone had the same idea, so they hit it off and rented two houses in Pinggu, Beijing, and began to "endowment in groups".

and in order to prevent friction in the future, we also signed an exemption agreement:

if there is any physical illness in our common life, all the responsibility will be borne by ourselves.

although it is very realistic, this is everyone's tacit understanding and the greatest sincerity of living together.

as one of the aunts said:

"providing for the aged is to be happy, to be able to find people who are in love with you, and to have less friction in your life. This is the most important way to get along with each other."


Friends also said: lovers come and go in life, but friends are always friends.

I hope that when you are old, you will still have someone to eat the hottest hot pot with you.

there are still people who take the most beautiful pictures of you.

there are still people who take you for a ride.

some people still remember what you like to eat.

you still have someone to go shopping with.

A happy old age is not "full of children and grandchildren". It can also be basking in the sun, walking and gossiping with some good friends.

although we can't choose to be born, we can decide how we grow old.

get together happily and happily in the most comfortable way and grow old together.

isn't it a new wonderful life experience?