Guangxi parents were forced to "withdraw from the group" incident went viral: you flatter the appearance, how ugly!

Guangxi parents were forced to "withdraw from the group" incident went viral: you flatter the appearance, how ugly!
Never be silent when it's time to speak, don't flinch when it's time to defend.

A group of parents in Liuzhou, Guangxi, was found to be a hot search.

the reason is that teacher's Day is approaching and family committee members in the group begin to work.

in order to thank the teachers for their hard work, we call on everyone to pool money to buy gift boxes in order to thank the teachers.

it should have been voluntary.

if you are willing to do so, you will not be willing or forced.

unexpectedly, a parent was forced to quit the parent group.

after she made it clear that she would not participate, the members of the group began to besiege her.

she was directly told to withdraw from the group.

"in view of your unwillingness to participate, there is no need to be disturbed by us in the group all the time. Please politely withdraw from the group."

she was accused of not following the crowd.

"most people follow the crowd. Our group is convenient for everyone to communicate and participate in activities. If you don't follow the crowd, please quit the group yourself."

after the parent complained on moments, the matter went viral.

to be honest, I really can't understand what other parents are doing.

forget about teacher's Day, can the teacher accept such an expensive gift?

that is to say, the matter of pooling money to buy gifts for teachers.

I want to express my gratitude with good intentions.

but since it is a "gift", pay attention to a willing, not forced to buy and sell.

if some parents are in a hurry to buy expensive cosmetics for their teachers and are eager to be attentive, do other parents also have the right to disagree?

and even if you are forced to participate this time, what about next time? And the next time? Will it get worse again and again?

the parent reported that last teacher's Day, parents also bought gifts, more than 300 water cups, and bought several.

it seems that this is not once or twice, but the result of an outbreak after repeated tolerance.

it is true that teachers work hard, but parents' money is not from the strong wind.

some parents have to exclude parents with different opinions in order to flatter their teachers.

as one of the highly praised messages in the comment area said:

"this kind of parent just wants to spend everyone's money to buy his own good in front of the teacher."

to the point.

I can understand that some parents want to show more faces in front of their teachers and want their children to get attention, but you can't intimidate other parents, let alone exclude those who disagree.

those who engage in private affairs under the guise of gratitude are really chicken thieves and shameless.

this is not the case once or twice.

A netizen from Zhihu once told his own story:

there are always special "active" parents who say for a moment that their children always go to the printing shop to print things, and when there are too many people, they can't even wait in line. Each person pays 50 and buys two printers for the teacher's office.

I will say in a moment that the class fee is gone, so let's raise some class fee, the amount is self-determined, and red envelopes are given out in the group.

so parents handed out red envelopes 200, 150, hundreds of times.

what is even more outrageous is that the most active parent even said that it was too cold in winter, and it was inconvenient and slow for teachers to ride electric bikes, so they could buy a scooter for teachers and get to school early to teach their children against the clock.

to be honest, it's disgusting to think of other parents as cash machines to highlight their behavior.

you want to buy a scooter for your teacher, and you want to buy a printer for your teacher. That's your own business. Just pay for it yourself. Why intimidate other parents?

it's like this proposal to buy a stroller for the teacher of more than 2000 yuan. You are so rich, why not go out on your own?

When you choose lace a frame wedding dress collection, you will be making your best decision ever. All our available fashions are pocket-friendly.

the above is just something to give gifts to teachers, which is even more terrifying when it comes to ideology and standing in line.

Qianjiang Evening News reported that 37 parents at a "top" primary school in Guiyang joined forces to "expel" a 7-year-old girl.

this 7-year-old girl, because of her poor health, her parents have some contradictions and conflicts with the head teacher in terms of educational ideas.

however, the problem has not yet been solved by teachers and parents, and other parents are the first to become demons.

they first set up a group, with the exception of the parents of the 7-year-old girl.

the purpose of building a group is to force her to transfer.

first of all, they show their loyalty, saying that only when the teacher is responsible will they be strict, and if they are not satisfied with the teacher's way of education, they will transfer to another school.

after a performance, they began to write joint letters to force the girl to change schools.

of the 38 parents in the group, 37 signed and only one refused to sign.

I never thought that there would be such a witness to human nature at school and in the group of parents.

those parents, in order to show their loyalty, excluded a disobedient parent, so the rest were "loyal" people.

do you still remember the incident of Hebei teachers openly soliciting bribes?

it was a parent who reported that the teacher took bribes.

however, when the identity of the whistleblower was exposed, something more magical came.

this parent has become an eyesore and a thorn in the flesh of other parents.

some parents called her and insulted her for more than ten minutes.

some parents set up a special group to attack her personally, calling on all people to isolate her children.

what is even more shocking is that after she reported the head teacher, more than 50 parents in the classMore than 30 people went to school in support of teacher X.

after the whistleblower arrived at school, a parent rushed out, threw a basin of cold water on her head, and then fought her.

after typing, I said: it can be said for Mr. X.

this basin of water directly infected her lungs and was admitted to the hospital.

all this is really incredible.

reporting teachers asking for bribes is obviously for the good of all parents and children.

if the teacher can ask her for a bribe today, she can ask you tomorrow.

however, all the parents are on the opposite side of her.

they feel that the head teacher is "in trouble", and now is the time to "perform" themselves. if they "perform" well, the head teacher will be good to their children in the future, so they bite up crazily....

can such parents raise honest children?

does such a teacher teach his students well?

the group of parents, which is supposed to be a place of purity and integrity, has become a miasma, a stage for flattery, and a cross-flow of sewage, which is ugly.

those thumbs up are the greatest sadness of human nature.

trample on other children in order to please their teachers and give their children a sense of existence?

have no compassion at all for your own benefit?

this time you take the lead in giving a thumbs up. Next time it's your turn. Who will speak for you?

sit on the sidelines when others are in misfortune, or throw a stone at the bottom of a well, then you should be prepared to be unsupported when you need it.

never be silent when it's time to speak, don't flinch when it's time to defend.

those signs of evil will not lead to evil only if they are pinched out when they are born.

I firmly believe that most of the teachers are devoted to the good of their children, and they deserve the trust and trust of their parents.

but one piece of rat shit can smear the whole team.

A group of supporters of bad guys is enough to muddy the whole pool.

We absolutely will not allow a clean campus to become a place for flattery.

We absolutely will not allow our children to become disgraceful adults.