Five years after breaking up with Li Chen, she married and gave birth to a daughter and moved into a luxury mansion. Netizens: congratulations, this is the real "marriage" rich family!

Five years after breaking up with Li Chen, she married and gave birth to a daughter and moved into a luxury mansion. Netizens: congratulations, this is the real "marriage" rich family!
She has not married into a rich family, but has already become a real rich family!


stars in the entertainment industry who rely on acting skills and feelings to become popular can be found everywhere.

but when it comes to getting married, I can only find one person in my mind.

she is Zhang Xinyu.

when she married he Jie, the "third generation of the army" in 2018, Zhang Xinyu's condition became better with the naked eye.

speaking of the love between the two, it is more or less metaphysical.

many years ago, she said, "my hair is up to my waist. I really want a knife cut."

so he appeared, or a customized version of "when your hair goes through my steel gun".

she said: I think I will always be lonely.

when I take part in the program, I meet true love, which is still distributed by the state.

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Zhang Xinyu herself also stamped: remember to return your wish when you find it!

because of he Jie's special status as a soldier, their married life is very low-key, but vaguely sweet to new heights.

follow her husband to exercise, accidentally turned into a military training, mouth suspected of integrity: the serious boy is a little naive.

popular female star vs Gao Leng male instructor, the novel is not so interesting!

because of the New year countdown and her husband's anger, she was still aggrieved and depressed in the fifth second, and the other party crept up behind her in the third second.

what is love? Say the harshest words and do the softest things.

he Jie always changes ways to prepare surprises for her festivals, birthdays and anniversaries.

printed with sweet daily birthday boxes for two people;

A straight male flower gift box symbolizing a lifetime of hand in hand;

as long as she is happy, she eats cakes freely.

when Sister Lang was eliminated, he Jie said, "the child is all right, it's already very good." Zhang Xinyu could not stop for a moment and smiled through tears.

the iron man's tenderness is only partial to you, and I have already said the word envy.

if you marry the right person, just look at Zhang Xinyu.

in the past, "motivation" and "hype" were labels that could not be erased from her body.

become popular by virtue of his stature.

make a circle by imitation.

others were the focus of the audience, while she became the laughing stock of the audience.

several relationships often put her in the forefront, and Zhang Xinyu once went to see a psychiatrist because she was under too much pressure.

all this has completely changed after meeting that person.

she no longer had an affair, stopped rubbing the red carpet, had short hair and rustled again and again.

can be funny and funny. At the beginning of the stage, Sister Lang released herself and danced the tractor dance.

will occasionally show up in major movies and TV dramas.

"Happiness is within reach! "Qin Qing, a frank girl in Li, is even more likeable than the female host Reba;

Zhou Mo Wan, a free and easy woman in the Great Detective of the Republic of China, the noble socialite style was severely pinched.

outside the play, there are countless fans in the circle of straight temperament.

other stars sold badly to fans in the studio, so she directly turned off the reward function and suggested that netizens have money to buy more things for their families.

I didn't know, but I thought it was a high imitation number.

Zhang Xinyu changed not only her cognition, but also her state of mind.

after marriage, she will enjoy life even more.

there is nothing more wonderful than the quiet time of making a cup of coffee and quietly sitting by the window reading.

self-cultivation, how can less painting? oil painting and ink painting are almost as good as everyone else.

occasionally go out to look for food with my husband, and show off their cooking skills for each other.

and her favorite thing to do is to take care of her own small yard.

Zhang Xinyu's courtyard is simply my dream courtyard!

it has a fascinating name-"Kaixin Farm".

is a paradise that Zhang Xinyu spent two or three years building.

one side of the courtyard is a wall about 10 meters long. Climbing vines and rose, you ask me to stand on the top of the wall and bloom into a flower wall.

the retro brick red fence, with the gorgeous red of the rose, shows elegance in a low profile.

do you still have no background to take pictures? A big film is full of established vision.

entering the backyard is a stone-paved path that gives the impression of a winding mountain path leading to a quiet place.

walking inside, two arches full of rose flowers come into view.

pink, red, yellow. Sprinkle down the flower rack from the top of the arch.

being in it is like breaking into Alice's magical wonderland and stepping into the door of happiness that symbolizes love.

on the grass next to the arch, Zhang Xinyu placed a simple pure white dining table, especially the retro European tea set.

in a corner of the garden, enjoy the flowers and enjoy the good time with my mother while drinking afternoon tea.

went through the arch and came to the middle of the courtyard, a place similar to the "pavilion".

the top of the pavilion is hollowed-out design, looking up, with a panoramic view of the blue sky and white clouds.

the pavilion was also surrounded by various roses, picked up a light smell, and the fragrance of the flowers immediately exploded in the nose.

in this situation, a small poem seems to be tailor-made for her.

I have a flower. Pour me some wine.

I only wish that the unfaithful love is like my heart, and that I will stay with each other when I am old.

full of pan-gold cups.

smell the flowers again.

I don't want to give flowers beside me and give them to others.

exceptRose, another part of the yard, hydrangeas spread all the way along the stone path.

monochrome, double, as beautiful as a rainbow.

and blue melon and leaf chrysanthemum;

purple flowering vines;

rose pink camellias.

thick calyx like a trumpet.

what would an ideal life look like? That's the answer!

Flowers make fences, poetic walls, what a secret garden!

despite the fragrance and vitality of the garden now, where to put up shelves, what varieties and colors of roses to buy, and the maintenance of each kind of flowers. It was all fumbled out bit by bit by Zhang Xinyu.

she also took part in pruning, weeding and pesticides.

but it would be inappropriate to use the term "florist" to describe her.

in February, it was chilly in spring, and the first batch of oranges and grapefruit came to report.

before finishing the sweetness of sugar orange, the loquat in May has already made its debut.

then, the June bayberry arrived as scheduled;

in July, scarlet peaches ushered in a bumper harvest, and watermelons in August couldn't wait to satisfy their taste buds.

"the season to enjoy the rose, the season to eat bayberry, and the season to eat peaches is the life I yearn for, but the feeling that I have entered my old age ahead of time."

netizen: I want to retire.

however, this is only a corner of the yard.

the neighbor of the orchard is the vegetable garden.

Cucumber, towel gourd, eggplant, tomato, okra, cowpea, lettuce, garlic, chili. There are all kinds of vegetables in season, and they are completely self-sufficient. Sister, can I come to your house for dinner? )

vegetables with an earthy smell are brought to the table the next second.

what stir-fried cabbage, spilled eggplant in oil, sliced or shredded lettuce... Changing tricks and messing with delicious food every day.

from "Lace Queen" to "the most Beautiful military wife", Zhang Xinyu seems to have been reborn.

compared with most female stars who marry into wealthy families, her choice does look like a clean stream.

but as she said:

"Marriage must not be because of age, let alone the right conditions for each other, there is only one reason: marry him, marry love."

here, even though there are different opinions, these are not important to Zhang Xinyu at all.

it is enough to have a partner who loves her, supports her and spoils her as a "child"!

she herself turned the trivial and insipid firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce and vinegar tea into exquisite romantic piano, chess, calligraphy, painting, poetry, hops.

she has not married into a rich family, but has already become a real rich family!