Empty yourself (deep text)

Empty yourself (deep text)
Clear the circle, quit the circle that is not suitable for you, and leave some time to be yourself.





in our lives, there are many things that need to be cleaned up, from material to spiritual.

the mobile phone feels slow after using it for a long time, so we will empty a lot of unwanted software and files inside. If we don't tidy up a house for a long time, it will be cluttered and cluttered, and we will clean up and get rid of those extra ones.

Life is like this, the spirit and soul also need to be cleaned up, too much desire hurts the body, too much social trouble, too much trouble.

when some people and things are so mixed that we can't move forward easily, we should learn to subtract from our own life and properly empty the unnecessary in our life.

only the body and soul can be light, and the road of life can be relaxed and happy.

clear out too much greed

there is a saying in Sima Qian's Historical Records: "want but do not stop, lose all desire, have but not be satisfied, lose all have."

once upon a time, there was a man whose family was so poor that he didn't even have a bed, so he had to sleep on a bench.

but he thinks about getting rich every day. He thinks that if he gets rich, he will never be a miser.

one day, he had a dream in which he met the Zen master and told him that he had given him a magic purse.

the Zen master said: there is only one gold coin in the money bag, but you can never finish it. When you think you have enough, you must throw away your purse before you can use the gold coins you take out.

when he woke up, he saw that there was really a bag with a gold coin in it. He took it out, and there was another one in it. He sat with it all night, and the gold coins had been piled up a lot.

at dawn, he is also very hungry and wants to buy food. But before spending money, he had to throw away the money bag. After thinking about it, he continued to take the money from the bag.

this is repeated day by day, and the man is getting hungrier and hungrier, and there are more and more gold coins, so that he can have enough food and clothing for the rest of his life, and he no longer has to sleep on the bench.

but he was still reluctant to throw away the bag, and eventually he starved to death on the bench, surrounded by gold coins.

the man in the story lost his life because he was too greedy.

many people in life are the same. When they have a house and a car, they want something bigger and better, and the higher they climb in their career, the better. In short, the more they own, the better, but the result is not satisfactory.

once heard such a saying: "the blessing of the world is better than no desire, and the disaster of the world is no greater than discontentment."

all people have desires, but they should not be too greedy. If they are too greedy, they will easily hurt themselves.

people should know how to be contented. If they are too greedy, they will eventually pay a corresponding price.

clear invalid circles

people will meet a lot of people in their lifetime, but not every relationship is worth our attention.

actor Chen Daoming's circle is extremely concise. In his spare time, he likes to play the piano, practice calligraphy, draw landscapes and do what he likes at home by himself.

Chen Daoming's friends will also laugh at him that staying at home alone is not as interesting as having a dinner with three or five friends.

he just smiled calmly and said:

"instead of focusing on fame and wealth, isn't it a kind of spiritual practice to settle down and do something useless but quiet and beautiful?"

I think so.

instead of spending time making friends and socializing, it's better to spend more time being yourself.

when people reach a certain age, the circle of life needs to make subtraction.

people's energy is limited, cherish what should be cherished and abandon what should be given up.

the ability of Zeng Guofan, a famous minister in the late Qing Dynasty, to achieve a counterattack in life is inseparable from his way of making friends.

in order to educate future generations, he wrote "Nine do not pay" as a family motto:

"stay away from those who have different aspirations; from those who are not filial to others; from those who flatter; from those who fall to the bottom of a well; from those who like to take advantage; from those who often tell lies; from those with honey and belly swords; from those who are not virtuous; away from those who are virtuous."

when I was young and ignorant, I always felt that the more friends I had, the easier the road was. When you reach a certain age, you will understand that the simpler the circle of life, the more comfortable it is.

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writer Su Cen said: "you don't have to invite too many people into your life. If they can't get into your heart, they will only disturb your life and make it crowded."

one or two bosom friends are enough, quit unnecessary circles, leave more time, and be better yourself.

clear out the troubles you asked for

in the Book of the New Tang Dynasty, it is said: "there is nothing in the world, and mediocre people disturb them and annoy their ears."

most of the time, people always like to think about things that have passed, and infinitely magnify things and add to their troubles.

in ancient times, there was a man named bhikkhu who learned to meditate. Every time he entered the dharma for a while, he felt something crawling around him.

he was distressed but didn't know what to do, so he went to consult the old monk.

Bhikkhu said, "as soon as I'm in, there are bugs crawling around on me, which makes me upset. I'm so upset."

the old monk said, "the next time you enter the samadhi, take a pen in your hand. If there is another bug crawling on you, you can draw a circle on it and see what it is."

taught by the old monk, when the bhikkhu became a monk again, he felt a bug crawling on him. He picked up a pen and drew a circle on the bug, and the bug disappeared. Because there is no external interference, there is no more trouble for the bhikkhu to settle.

Bhikkhu wanted to find the worm he had circled, but he was surprised to find the circle on his leg.

Bhikkhu had an epiphany that it was not bugs that bothered him at some time, but his own inner troubles.

many people are used to magnifying things infinitely, which is nothing. On the other hand, I add the event itself back and forth in my own mind, so there is nothing to happen, and the little things become big things.

troubles start from the heart, but you don't want to.

as the saying goes, "once you put it down, you are at ease."

Life is not easy and happy if it is left to trifles and troubles.

things will eventually pass. If we dwell on the past, it will only add to our troubles, and how can we live the rest of our lives?

it is better to stop and let go when you are struggling, so that you can run into happiness unexpectedly.

clear your desires in time and don't be too greedy to live. If you want less, you will be freer.

clear the circle, quit the circle that is not suitable for you, and leave some time to be yourself.

clear out your troubles, drive all your troubles out of your mind, and let happiness live in.

, for the rest of my life, may you and I both know how to empty ourselves and be simple and happy in our simple life.