Eight ways to live a minimalist life

Eight ways to live a minimalist life
Learn to clean your bags and follow them light, so that life can move forward better.


decades of life, working hard in the world of mortals, running about for life, fighting for fame and fortune.

I slowly found that I wanted more and more, and finally lost myself.

crude tea with light rice has a real taste, and the bright window is almost comfortable.

people live to the extreme, they are plain and simple.

give up unnecessary desires and mental burdens, so that one can live out the true taste of life.

these eight minimalist lifestyles recommended by People's Daily are worth practicing together.

material minimalism

A colleague likes to buy.

A lot of things are hoarded every year during the shopping festival.

the express delivery has to be pulled back by cart every time.

over time, the house is full.

A lot of things that you don't need but don't want to throw away.

takes up a lot of time, space and money, but it can not bring substantial improvement to the quality of life.

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then she moved to a new house and decided to break up.

sell everything except what is necessary.

she just realized that she didn't need so many things.

now e-commerce is developing rapidly, a person can get everything he wants with a click of a finger, so that people are prone to hoarding.

but in the end, I have only one mouth and two hands, and there is really a limit to what I can use.

too much material can only bring burden to yourself.

people are the masters of all things, so don't put the cart before the horse and let yourself be affected by external things.

the best view of material life is to buy carefully, cherish use, and give up decisively.

minimalist energy

once heard a story.

there is a master of traditional Chinese medicine in Taiwan.

seeing a doctor is divine, but you can only see three people a day.

when you encounter difficult and complicated diseases, sometimes you can even see one a day.

he said, "I am old and have limited energy. I can see three of them. If I have more, I can't see them."

people's energy is limited, and if they use a little, they will be less.

excessive dissipation can only accomplish nothing.

the ancients said, "stay in the right position."

one needs to concentrate on one thing, so that it is possible to get it done.

now many people scatter their time too much.

take it out to browse Weibo and Douyin when you are free, and time slips through your fingers before you know it.

the energy is wasted a little bit in this way.

when there is something really going on, on the contrary, he can't get up the spirit, get half the result with twice the effort, and spend a mediocre life.

have a point in life.

only by focusing on time and energy can we really improve the quality of life.

stay away from meaningless waste, life can be full and happy.

Financial minimalism

Financial minimalism is not about being stingy alone.

but a person should be free financially.

Don't envy things you shouldn't buy, keep your pockets under control, and don't be vain.

being stingy and abetted every day is controlled by money.

extravagant spending, unable to make ends meet, will also be controlled by money.

Real financial freedom is not two apartments in first-tier cities, with savings of 20 million.

but a person's desire is less than his own income.

live within your means, don't let yourself care too much about money, and don't be too bossy.

reduce your energy on this and spend your life on what really matters.

such people, no matter when and where, can have the freedom to control themselves.

emotional minimalism

people have emotions. Good moods are encouragement and bad moods are warnings.

they are signals of action, not for you to indulge in internal friction.

it is always action that defeats emotion.

A student once called teacher Zhao Yuping in the middle of the night.

said he was in a bad mood and looked for a solution.

Miss Zhao gave him a task directly.

you need a file for the lecture the day after tomorrow, in which there are two thousand words. You can finish it tomorrow.

the students were a little puzzled, but they did it anyway.

at nine o'clock the next evening, the students handed in their homework.

Miss Zhao sees that his condition is obviously different.

then I said to him, "when you are in a bad mood, go to work. If you have something to do, you will feel better."


instead of indulging in bad emotions and constantly torturing yourself, you might as well find yourself something to do.

if you say ten thousand things, you might as well do it yourself.

only by taking action can we defeat anxiety and bad emotions.

the relationship is minimalist

We often say that when people reach a certain age, you have to throw away four things:

meaningless wine bureau, people who don't love you, look down on your relatives, false friends.

when people reach middle age, they gradually understand.

you don't need too many friends, just one or two bosom friends.

Writers and Caitou used to be keen on circles.

there are endless dinners every day, but in the end, I gradually find that many people have seen them almost once.

No more contact after dinner.

the so-called "I know a lot of celebrities" and "have a lot of connections" is just a false illusion.

instead of wasting time on this, you might as well go home and read a book by yourself.

in this way, he Caitou gave up the meal and began to concentrate on running his own small circle.

I spend most of my time alone and occasionally get together with one or two bosom friends.

this kind of life has a slower pace and a higher quality of communication.

socializing is salt, less too light, too salty.

having one or two bosom friends, getting together once in a while and talking from the bottom of your heart is the best way to socialize.

minimalist expression

Toad screamed loudly, but it had no effect except to be annoying.

but the rooster sings and the world knows.

Don't ask for much, but be accurate.

at the right time, say the right words, do not muddle and beat around the bush.

keep silent at the wrong time, which can be regarded as the true minimalism of expression.

many people talk for a long time without the main point, saying for a long time, the matter is not clear, the relationship between the characters is not straightened out, and they vent their emotions from beginning to end.

such people are easily confused in their work and life.

learn to express minimally, so that one can be more efficient at work and communicate more effectively in life.

mindset is very simple

Liezi told a story:

there is a person in the State of Qi who is worried that the sky will collapse and that he does not have a safe place to live, so that he cannot sleep well and cannot eat.

the burden of mentality made him restless all day long, and his life became more and more difficult.

later, people use "unfounded worries" to describe unfounded worries and worries.

do not love in the past, not miscellaneous in the present, not welcome in the future.

No nostalgia for the past, no longing for the future.

focus on the present and live in the present.

only in this way can one make the best of himself on the complicated road of life.

goal minimalism

there are very few things a person can do in his life.

if you set too many goals and are too distracted, you may not be able to accomplish either.

Zeng Guofan's younger brother once served as commander of the Hunan Army.

he always felt that he had no Jinshi background and was inferior.

so I want to lead troops while preparing for the exam.

Zeng Guofan resolutely rejected him: you can either lead troops or take exams, and you can only choose one.

Life is often an art of trade-off. If you choose this, you must give up that.

We are not gods, and our time and energy are limited.

instead of being greedy and unable to chew, it is better to do the present thing well.

after all, it is not easy for a person to do one thing well in a lifetime.

Xi Murong once said, "across the river, there are thousands of hibiscus." The poem is also simple, the heart is also simple. "

Life is short and there are very few things that can be accommodated.

, learn to clean your bags and follow them light, so that life can move forward better.