Bear it! (good text in depth)

Bear it! (good text in depth)
Instead of fighting over everything, you should put up with it and learn to give in with a smile.


Confucius said, "tolerance is the foundation of a hundred deeds."

people cannot do whatever they want when they are alive. If they want to achieve something, they must learn to "endure".

Life, there will always be dissatisfaction. If you don't know how to be patient and care about everything, it will only lead to right and wrong and make your life more tired.

suffer losses to cultivate virtue, patience to nourish the heart, to learn to "endure" the world, put up with everything, you will win!

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matters of children

hold back, don't interfere

once heard such a saying: "boundaries are not alienation, but a kind of growth."

patience is not alienation or estrangement, but a kind of respect and protection for each other.

the greatest and most selfless love in the world is parents' giving and care for their children.

parents have devoted their whole life to giving the best things to their children.

while children grow up, they will gradually break away from their parents, which is a process that everyone must go through.

when children grow up and have families, parents should learn to let go and not interfere too much.

as parents, if they interfere too much in their children's lives, it will only lead to family conflicts and hurt both sides.

parents can't protect their children all their lives. There are some things that children are doomed to face by themselves.

keep a proper distance from each other so that children can run their own lives on their own.

only when parents are willing to let go, hold back, and not meddle too much in their children's affairs, can their children go more steadily and further.

matters of husband and wife

hold back, don't argue

the Bible says, "Love is patient and kind."

Life is a place of chicken feathers, firewood, rice, oil and salt will slowly smooth out a lot of things, including feelings.

there are no unsuitable couples, only couples who can't manage relationships.

when husband and wife live under the same roof, it is inevitable that they will stumble and have contradictions and differences.

quarrels are inevitable, but enough is enough and learn to tolerate and endure each other.

No matter what kind of dispute occurs, accommodate and tolerate each other in order to maintain this relationship.

if both sides are not willing to be outdone, it will only lead to a deeper and deeper contradiction, which will eventually be irreparable.

in the emotional world, it is not necessary to distinguish between winners and losers, and do not hurt each other because of trifles.

only when husband and wife tolerate each other, hold back, and avoid quarrels as much as possible, the family will be harmonious and happiness will come naturally.

matters of relatives and friends

hold back, don't worry about

the writer Yi Shu said: "to be a man, you should be reserved, muddle along, and there is no need to haggle."

not all people can meet, can become relatives and friends, is fate, but also a blessing.

people always get along well in the slow running-in, a little more easygoing, so as not to hurt each other's harmony.

whether they are relatives or friends, do not spoil this hard-won fate because of a temporary dispute.

being a man and doing things unwilling to make concessions, never leaving leeway for yourself and others, calculating and calculating will only add to your troubles.

Don't worry too much about the mistakes of your relatives and friends, don't make it difficult for others, and don't make it difficult for yourself.

once you start to worry about everything, you will expose the ugliness of human nature and eventually lose the warmth between people.

in the event of contradictions and conflicts, if the question of principle is not involved, you might as well endure it and make concessions to each other.

instead of waking up and haggling over everything, it is better to be confused occasionally and be more tolerant.

only relatives and friends are courteous and courteous, hold back, do not care too much about the trivialities of life, calm state of mind, happiness will be accompanied.

there is a saying in Caigen Tan: "if you endure the anger of the moment, you can avoid a hundred days of worry."

patience is not retreat or cowardice, but a great wisdom to judge the hour and size up the situation and avoid fighting.

instead of fighting over everything, it is better to put up with it, learn to give in with a smile, and love sincerely is a kind of wealth.

, forward it to the friends around me. May you and I endure as much as we can for the rest of my life, but let it be safe for the rest of my life.