Be kind to yourself on the way to getting old

Be kind to yourself on the way to getting old
May you live up to your brilliance in this life.


on the way to grow old, please yourself

in the first half of your life, you must have a lot of times when you wronged yourself.

you always revolve around others and want everyone to be satisfied, but you end up exhausted physically and mentally; you always feel blessed to suffer losses and give in again and again, but you have nothing to fear in return.

if you care so much about other people's feelings, who cares about the real you?

the world is so noisy that you don't have to cater to everyone.

Xi Murong once wrote such a paragraph:

"when I look back, I suddenly realize that all my efforts in my life are only to make the people around me satisfied with me."

in order to win the approval and smile of others, I trembled into all the patterns, all the shackles.

in the middle of the journey, I suddenly realized that I had only a vague face and a road that could not turn back. "

A worthwhile relationship never needs to be maintained carefully.

shoes wear feet, there is no need to be blocked, three values do not agree, there is no need for strong integration.

everyone is a unique existence in the world. Don't please those who don't have you in your heart, and don't lose your most precious self because of others.

on the way to getting old, please regard yourself as the "treasure" that you should cherish most, and don't please, force or make do with it.

put yourself first in order to live a natural and unrestrained life.

on the way to getting old, let yourself go

you must have a lot on your mind these years.

some may be just a grain of sand in your heart, while others are like a mountain, so that you can't breathe.

in fact, many times, troubles do not come from external forces, but only from our own hearts.

in Mr. Jin Yong's "the Sculpture Heroes", the son of the aunt was killed by Qiu Qianyu. The aunt hated him, and the torture of hatred made it difficult for her to feel at ease for 50 years.

many years later, a master lantern brought Qiu Qianfu to atone for his sins to his aunt.

when my aunt saw Qiu Qianyu, who was dying, she could not recognize his appearance.

A lantern master can't help sighing: "this man is Qiu Qianyu!" You don't even recognize his appearance, but you still remember your old hatred. "

We cannot change the good and bad of the first half of life.

but if you spend the rest of your life in vain by pushing yourself into the deep sea of sorrow and resentment because of the faults of others, it is really not worth it.

I know that some injuries are hard to let go right away, but as the living Buddha Gatso said:

although it is difficult to let go, it is not impossible. At least we can put it down from the most "evil" place.

such as putting aside hatred, sorrow, suspicion, jealousy and pain.

in this way we have room to carry "good" things, such as happiness, serenity, happiness and compassion. "

to put it down is not to forgive, but "forget it".

take a step back, you and I may see a different world.

Let go of the past, let go of the past, is to let go of yourself.

clear your mind and clear your mind so that you can walk more proudly.

the one who laughs last is always the one who knows how to let go.

cherish owning

whether the people around you have walked one after another along the way.

have you ever sighed and missed, and have you ever been sad and sorry?

Let it go if you miss it.

what has come to an end, once again, cannot escape its demise.

people have an audience of tens of millions in this life, and only a few are destined to accompany you to the end.

good people, give you happiness, bad people, teach you to grow.

the best outcome is to be able to fade out of each other's world without resentment, bless each other, and then forget each other.

leave the good watch, the present is more worthy of cherishing.

I have heard such a saying: the best fate is not to meet in the crowd, but not to get lost in the crowd.

in the face of love, a little more tenderness, one more share.

be more patient and considerate in the face of family affection. In the face of friendship, be more sincere and treat each other with all sincerity.

in our short life, we don't know what kind of future we will encounter. We can only hold it tighter and cherish more while we still have it.

even if the accident comes before tomorrow, it will be less regrettable if you have to leave.

people, when we come together, there is no afterlife, no matter whether we love or not, we will never meet again in the next life.

the rest of my life is not long, say cherish more and say goodbye less.

be kind to yourself on the way to getting old

stop-and-go all the way, suddenly half of my life has passed.

have you taken care of your body all these years?

Schopenhauer said: "the biggest mistake that human beings can make is to trade health for other things."

when we were young, even though we had heard too many tragedies of sudden death, we still ate the most convenient meals, drank the strongest wine, and stayed up the deepest night.

little do you know that this pen is overdrawn and your body has already recorded it for you.

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when you are profligate, death is winding up the end of life.

Life is impermanent, and we can't resist it as we imagine.

in the days to come, remember to eat on time, match meat and vegetables, drink plenty of hot water, and don't overeat.

remember to keep exercising, go to bed early and have a physical examination on time.

LifeIn the second half, it was about health.

take good care of your body and grasp the present life in order to find more beautiful possibilities in the future and the best treasure for the rest of your life.

Please be kind to yourself on the way to getting old.

I like the lyrics of "the God of time stealing" very much: "years is a journey with no return, and the good and bad are the scenery."

people are mortal, and for only a few decades, no one can escape a birth, old age, sickness, death, joys and sorrows.

it is because of all this that we have come together to create an interesting life on all sides.

time aging our face, stealing green hair, adding wrinkles, but also giving us the feedback of growth.

those experiences are not only the marks of our life experiences, but also the rings engraved into our lives.

since you can't stop time, accept it.

with open-minded courage, contented state of mind, optimistic heart, firm faith, be kind to your strength, and grow old gently.

on the way to grow old, may you be healthy, worry-free, have company, be kind to yourself, walk through it calmly, and keep your fragrance.

May you live your life worth it and live your wonderful life.