Autumn, the top 10 little things to cure

Autumn, the top 10 little things to cure
In this autumn, may you explore and harvest.


before you know it, the autumn wind is coming.

there is a little more coolness and less dryness in the air.

some people say: "Autumn is quiet, in this season, you can calm down and savor every part of life."

someone said: "Autumn is noisy, in this season, you can enjoy the joy of every harvest."


make a bowl of hot tea and enjoy your life

Yu Dafu wrote this sentence in the Autumn of the Old Capital:

"when you get up in the morning, make a bowl of strong tea and sit in the courtyard, you can also see the high green sky and hear the flying sound of domesticated pigeons in the green world, and naturally you can feel the feeling of autumn."

when the dryness and heat of summer fades, we no longer need cold drinks to quench our thirst, we can enjoy the joy of a bowl of hot tea, sweet with some bitterness, like life.

after a bowl, there will naturally be a little more temperature.

if you don't like bitterness, you can also choose a cup of milk tea to bring yourself some warmth.

how would you choose the first cup of tea in autumn?


Open the altar of sweet-scented osmanthus wine, invite the moon

one of the elegant things in A Dream of Red Mansions is that all the sisters get together in autumn to enjoy sweet-scented osmanthus, drink wine and eat hairy crabs.

Osmanthus wine seems to be the best gift for us in autumn.

Open a jar of sweet-scented osmanthus wine and invite the moon, maybe we can also be like Li Bai, "I raised my glass to invite the charming moon, and bowed my head to see that there were already three people drinking together" amorous poet.

Chinese romance is hidden in poetry, wine, flowers and months.

although small, it makes life a little more romantic.

and in a bored life, romantic feelings are undoubtedly the best antidote.


take a picture and leave memories

Haruki Murakami wrote:

"I still remember the events of that autumn. The weather is fine day after day, it is really a beautiful autumn.

the sky is clear and high, and the rows of ginkgo trees in front of the painting gallery are more bright and bright than in previous years, shining with golden luster.

Autumn always seems to be one step at a time.

the sky is clear, ginkgo is golden, and there are white cranes and geese.

the most rare thing is that people always have a flood of thoughts in autumn, recalling themselves when they were young and recalling the years when they were young.

whether it is to record the scenery at this time through photos, or to think back and forth about the feelings at that time through diaries.

are all fairy tales that belong to this autumn.


look at the red leaves and let the soul be lazy

du Mu once sighed: "parking is only because I like the maple forest in the evening, and the maple leaves are more red than the flowers of February."

the beauty of autumn lies in its fiery red and gold.

the saturation of colors seems to bring some harmony to this colder season.

and the red or yellow leaves are like more elegant flowers.

at this time, looking at the red leaves is like massaging the eyes and making the soul lazy.

the most moving is about the occasional fallen leaf, falling on the shoulder and on the sideburns.

at that time, you quietly blend in with nature.

it is sad and beautiful, but it is more natural and open.


listen to the autumn rain knocking on the window and feel the baptism

Zhang ailing wrote an article "the Rain in Autumn".

she said, "the rain is falling quietly, with only a little patter." The orange house is like an old monk in a bright cassock, bowing his head and closing his eyes, baptized by the bottom of the rain. "

in autumn, be sure to listen to the rain.

listen to the sound of autumn rain knocking on the window and feel the baptism of nature.

the small raindrops fell on the window, like a sea breeze, like piano music, clear and refreshing.

all the troubles seem to be beaten away by this Rain Water.

all worries seem to be washed away by this coolness.

and the rich fruit is also being moistened by this slight drizzle.


burn a piece of incense and hug yourself

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Lin Yutang said:

"maybe what I love is not late autumn, but early autumn, when the moon is full, the crabs are fat, the sweet-scented osmanthus is bright, and the sweet-scented osmanthus is not in a rusty state. This is the most enjoyable. At that time, the gentleness, such as the red ash on my cigarette, was just a warm fragrance."

in autumn, there should be both the sweetness of the harvest of melons and fruits and the freshness of dry air.

and the rarest thing is the kind of lukewarm gentleness.

is like burning a piece of incense and letting the smell of aromatherapy surround you.

that kind of light, watching the passage of time, but seems to enjoy the general.

the atmosphere at this time is the most suitable for being alone, let Wenxiang surround yourself and embrace yourself calmly.


standing in the field, watching the wind blowing wheat waves

my friend said that for so many years, I still like Li Jian's song "the Wind blows the waves of Wheat."

"there is a surge of golden wheat under the blue sky in the distance, where you and I used to love."

simple sentences are full of cures.The more.

one of the things we must do in autumn is to stand in the field and watch the wind blow the waves of rice.

soft wind, so that the golden harvest, constantly rolling, seems to be the best years in bloom.

the full particles will also make people feel the satisfaction of harvest.


have a good meal and paste it with autumn fat

Wang Zengqi said:

"Autumn wind together, big appetite, want to eat something good, add a little nutrition, compensate for the loss of summer, northerners call it 'autumn fat'."

many girls lose weight all summer just to show a good figure.

when the autumn wind rises, you may be able to indulge a little bit, eat a good meal, paste autumn fat, better to resist the cold, but also better to experience the joy of delicious food.

Tomatoes on sticks scattered on the street corner, the steaming wonton on the stall, and the fragrant barbecue all exude beautiful colors.

on weekends, you might as well invite friends and loved ones to explore the joy of delicious food in autumn.


go to the market to feel the bumper harvest, have a physical examination

Mo Yan once wrote:

"it is said that autumn in Beijing is the most like autumn, but autumn in Beijing is just a lot of messy impressions to me.

because I seldom go out, I mostly go out at the post office and market around my home, or send books or buy vegetables. "

whether it is messy or not, the beauty of autumn is probably to have time to experience the fireworks in the streets.

smell the aroma of grapes and feel the joy of the whole family.

can not only comfort our fragility as mortals, but also find the interest scattered in the corner.

Don't worry, don't rush, just feel it with your heart, it belongs to the beauty of the world alone.


to see the person you miss most

everyone says that autumn is the season for parting.

but Gu Cheng said:

"how much I want to walk through the dead fence to you in the faint autumn."

maybe, in this season, we should try our best to get close, to hug, to cherish, to meet the person we miss most.

Don't leave regrets in the snow; don't leave expectations in the future.

take advantage of this moment to feel the beauty of life; take advantage of this moment to leave the moment of your heart.

Song Xiaojun said:

"there are not many beautiful things in the world. The wind blowing from the other side of the river by the Beginning of Autumn in the evening killed you with laughter in your twenties."

in fact, regardless of age, the most wonderful thing is to feel the wind on the other side of the river in the evening of the Beginning of Autumn.

comfortable and natural, indifferent and beautiful.

of course, there are many wonderful things to taste and many things to try in autumn.

, in this autumn, may you explore and harvest.

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