After middle age, only exercise can cure all life.

After middle age, only exercise can cure all life.
Getting yourself moving is actually the easiest way for us to relieve anxiety and stress.

have you ever had such an experience:

work pressure is great, heart is anxious, go out to run a few laps, the mood is much better immediately.

sad, unable to lift up, immediately burst into sweat, instantly can be relieved a lot.

exercise seems to have a kind of magic, which can release pressure, relieve boredom and get out of emotional predicament quickly.

on this point, the Journal of Sports and Sports Psychology has published relevant research conclusions:

only 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise can immediately improve the state of depression and loss of pleasure.

Harvard professor John Reddy also said:

"if you are already depressed, a little exercise will make you feel better, and the feeling of knowing that you are going to get better will completely change your state of mind.


people reach middle age, work, life, family, mundane affairs, constant troubles.

instead of being at a loss in the quagmire of emotion, it is better to dissipate everything in the pleasure of exercise.

getting yourself moving is actually the easiest way for us to relieve anxiety and stress.

movement is a "spiritual remission"

specifically, after exercise, the level of negative emotions such as anxiety and depression will significantly decrease, while the degree of happiness will increase significantly.

this phenomenon is actually determined by the special structure of the human body:

when people are faced with difficulties, the amygdala in the brain will constantly secrete stress hormones, which make us feel nervous and anxious.

and exercise can make the frontal lobe and hippocampus of the body inhibit more strongly, thus resist the overreaction of the amygdala and ease the mood.

as the sentence says, "

exercise is a quick cure for emotions. "

once saw a netizen tell a story, felt deeply:

an elder lost his own son in his fifties.

unable to accept the reality, he was depressed all day, washed with tears, and could not get out of the haze of emotion.

by chance, the work unit of the elders held a race.

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his colleagues wanted him to have a change of heart, so they took the initiative to sign him up and invited him to participate in the competition.

after clenching his teeth, the elder finished the whole race.

but he didn't want to, and it was this sweltering run that made his life begin to change:

when he reached the finish line, he listened to his heartbeat and felt more relaxed than ever before.

and all the bad emotions seem to be forgotten for the time being.

from then on, he began to run in the morning.

day after day, he gradually got out of the pain of losing his child, no longer angry, sad, and even more stable than before.

novelist Joyce Carol Oates said:

"when he is depressed or even desperate, he will go for a run to ease his mood."

when sharing his running experience, entrepreneur Lei Jun also mentioned:

"exercise can make him feel calm and warm strength again."

exercise is an efficient "spiritual relief". It can make negative emotions evaporate with sweat and refresh your body and mind.

so, when you are depressed, you might as well do some exercise.

run, punch, kick a ball, take a swim.

with the rhythm of breathing, with the stretch of the body, the emotional shackles will be quietly opened, quietly, everything will return to peace.

exercise improves cognition, and cognition affects emotion

I believe many people have heard of the famous "emotional ABC theory":

A (event) → B (Cognition) → C (emotional and behavioral consequences).

Cognition determines emotion. If you have different cognition, you will feel different about things.

therefore, if you want to manage your emotions at the root, you need to improve your cognition.

A simple way to raise awareness is exercise.

Finnish scientists have conducted special experiments on this:

they found 10 pairs of twins and asked half to run at least twice a week, while the other half did not exercise.

three years later, it was found that people who ran every week had more developed gray matter areas, thought more clearly, and were better able to cope with stress.

the Institute of Health also said that exercise can increase the number of neurons in the brain and improve the brain's cognitive ability.

if you want to achieve continuous emotional control, you must maintain a long-term state of exercise.

in this way, emotional problems can be solved from the cognitive root.

the whole process of professor Cao Lin healing emotions through exercise is recorded in Orson's Diary.

in 2000, Cao Lin was diagnosed with depression.

with the doctor's encouragement, Cao Lin began to run.

from the beginning of 400 meters, 1 kilometer, to the next 10,000 meters, marathon.

Cao Lin runs harder and harder, and his depression, in the process, slowly recovers.

he once recalled that time: "the original feeling of hopelessness and helplessness towards the future has changed, the big stone in my heart is gone, and it has become much more peaceful and refreshing."

in his book, he shares the cognitive changes brought about by exercise.:

Marathon has changed my understanding of life and created my inner world of perseverance, peace of mind, vanity, low profile and never bow.

now Cao Lin has been running for more than ten years. The energy given by exercise makes him more leisurely.

when people reach middle age, the tide of pressure always rises one after another:

depression when the workplace is frustrated, pessimism when marriage is not going well, decadence when life is helpless. Again and again, emotions are challenging our hearts.

and exercise is the easiest way to improve cognition and manage emotions.

only through the continuous sublimation of cognition and cognition through exercise can we really have the strength to fight against the torrent of emotion.

in this way, even if life turns around, we can still find a way out.

keep exercise habits and cultivate happy physique

Taylor, a lecturer at Harvard University, said: "exercise is the most powerful psychotropic substance."

exercise can not only cure the current bad mood, but also give long-term spiritual nourishment.

to manage your emotions through exercise, you might as well refer to the following suggestions:

choose exercise for emotions and quickly get rid of negativity

experts from the Huffington Post have studied "emotional matching exercise" and given four exercise options:

1. Feel angry: free fight

when you are angry, you can quickly evacuate your emotions by fighting.

punches and high kicks are all high explosive movements.

they can quickly dissolve the anger in the body and make the heart feel comfortable and happy.

however, do not push too hard to avoid hurting yourself.

2. Stress: try yoga

with the regulation of breathing, the heart will slowly return to peace.

and the stretching of muscles and bones will also make people feel extremely relaxed, thus unconsciously putting down their anxiety.

3. Inner impulse: go out on foot

sometimes we inevitably get hot-headed and lose our minds.

in the process of walking, the impulsive emotion will gradually cool down, and the heart can be calmed down in the beauty of nature.

4. Sad: jump into the pool

Swimming can increase the heart rate and make people feel refreshed, thus reducing depression and healing the mind.

immersion in the water is like entering your own world.

in addition to controlling the rhythm of the body, people's emotions are also under control.

maintain long-term exercise habits and master emotional keys

in addition to short-term emotional relief, we also advocate making exercise a habit, so as to thoroughly enhance cognition and enhance the ability to manage emotions.

for persistence in long-term exercise, share some suggestions:

1. According to the practice in the brain Gym, exercise at least three times a week for about 45 minutes.

host Li Zimeng said that she runs five kilometers three or four days a week, and has been doing so for several years.

2. Aerobic training is given priority to, with strength training at the same time, and the heart rate should be significantly accelerated during exercise.

3. Keep your enthusiasm for sports and avoid giving up halfway. Use a few tips:

a. The goal is gradual and orderly

according to one's own actual situation, make reasonable goal setting, especially in the early stage of the exercise, the difficulty should not be too great.

excessive exercise planning, not only can not regulate negative emotions, but will cause frustration and increase the burden on the heart.

b. Diversification of sports choices

by constantly adjusting the mode of exercise, you can get rid of the tiredness caused by long-term repetition.

Liu Yihong's fitness schedule for his parents has been published online, including walking, horizontal and parallel bars, squats, etc., in a variety of forms.

c. Join the moments of sports

join a sports sign-in circle, share your sports experience with your partners, supervise and encourage each other.

the affirmation and company of the outside world will make people more confident.

under the blessing of a good atmosphere, sports will also be more motivated.

English poet Oden said:

"move, move your limbs like a runner, run in a circle, running on an endless road."

Middle age is an age when there are wolves before and tigers behind. Life is not easy, but it is also difficult.

when you are frustrated and full of sadness, go to exercise.

swagger, sweat like rain, the inner haze will eventually be swept away.

when you get bored and anxious and get caught up in internal friction, exercise, too.

stretch out your arms and keep walking, and all the repression will go away with the wind.

when you are self-disciplined and self-disciplined, you will find that there is no hurdle that cannot be overcome, and there is nothing that cannot be overcome.

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