A good marriage is not a partnership, but the rest of your life.

A good marriage is not a partnership, but the rest of your life.
Affectionate, there is no longer a long companion of honor or disgrace, do not fight for the day and night, only the sun and the moon.

there is a hot comment on NetEase Cloud:

"Marriage is like sailing on the river. When the sea is calm, Pinghu is full of smoke and clouds, poetic and picturesque, and the efforts of both sides are inconspicuous. When the wind is high and the waves are high, the ship sails at the top of the waves. Only by helping each other can we have the foundation for thousands of miles."

True love is not a song when the years are quiet, but a cry when wind and rain are in the same boat; true love is not the sincerity of empty promises, but the determination of bravery.

when it is difficult to see the hearts of the people, when something happens, it shows the truth.

what is a couple? It is the burden of life, and two people share it side by side.

the essence of marriage is sharing, not holding an umbrella.

whether the feelings are true or not, it is difficult to see the hearts of the people

in a variety show, guest Lu Ying told the story of her divorce due to kidney disease during her newlyweds.

six months after her marriage, Lu Ying found that she had nephritis during a physical examination and needed a puncture operation.

my husband did not come to appease Lu Ying at the first time, but asked her a question: "give birth first, or treat the disease first?"

because medical treatment will affect having children, in the face of her husband's questioning, Lu Ying replied that she should treat the disease first.

my husband did not express his opinion and accompanied Lu Ying to have a kidney puncture operation. after being discharged from the hospital, she was sent back to her mother's home to recuperate.

the next day, he asked Lu Ying's father for divorce, and his father-in-law wanted him to think it over again. Since then, he never came to see his wife for convenience.

Lu Yingneng took the initiative to call her husband when she was active, but the first thing he said was, "Let's get a divorce."

husband said: "the purpose of marriage is to make life better and better. Your illness will affect having children and the quality of life in the future."

in the face of her husband's behavior, Lu Ying completely gave up her heart and divorced decisively, blaming herself for not opening her eyes and seeing this person clearly.

whether a relationship is true or not, it is hard to see the hearts of the people.

when you are graceful and gorgeous, you often see hypocrisy; when you fall into dust and covered with mud, you have a chance to see the hearts of the world.

for those who really mispay, there is no need to be sad or complain. Losing itself is the best harvest.

people who really love you can't bear to see you suffering in pain and struggling in helplessness, because empathy is an instinctive reaction to love someone.

it is said in the novel Spring Banquet:

"even if a firefly likes the moon, it will want to give it all its light. It doesn't matter how strong the person you like is, it's a beating heart. "

if you really love someone, you will want to be nice to Ta as much as you can, which has nothing to do with ability.

hypocritical people always care about giving too much, while those who really love always feel that they don't give enough.

if the truth cannot be changed, the wisest choice is to stop the loss in time.

to be able to carry things for you is to really love you

Haruki Murakami said:

"the one who loves you most is not to see your light coming to you, but to see you struggling in the dirt, regardless of your embarrassment, gently stretch out your hands to you."

the one who can carry the burden for you is the one who really loves you.

colleague Zhou Hong, with high education and strong ability, is the core backbone of the company and earns a lot of money.

many people do not understand why Zhou Hong chose to marry him, let alone why Zhou Hong's face is brimming with happiness every day, earning money to support her family, cooking and taking care of her children, and guarding her worthless husband.

one day, a colleague who had a good thing could not help but ask Zhou Hong:

"your husband is so ordinary that he doesn't even give gifts during the holidays. What on earth makes you be so kind to him?"

Zhou Hong raised the corners of her mouth and told her story.

Zhou Hong has excellent appearance, and there is no shortage of suitors. There are three men who are more attentive, including the current husband.

just when Zhou Hong was ready to make a choice, she suddenly got uremia and needed a kidney transplant.

after hearing this, the other two suddenly disappeared without a trace. Her husband not only took out all his savings, but also took the initiative to match and gave her a healthy kidney.

Zhou Hong said with emotion: "he has given me a new life. Is there anything more valuable than this?"

Why does grace rank before love in the so-called love between husband and wife?

because of commitment, understanding, and compassion, the most important thing is to give and support each other, which makes the intimate relationship more balanced and far-reaching.

Love u200d is blind, life is realistic.

people with false feelings are only willing to enjoy your beauty, while those who really love you are willing to bear the bad ones.

the essence of marriage is shared commitment, not holding an umbrella alone

people who care about you will take care of your emotions, and those who love you will join hands and share joys and sorrows with you.

True feelings in the world always begin with mutual love and end up shouldering each other.

do you still remember the working couple who became popular on the Internet?

A year ago, a video of a couple working on the railway moved countless netizens.

in the video, the couple are changing the railway pillow tracks, the husband is constantly digging the stones on the railway with a shovel, and the wife is pulling the spade hard in front.

the husband dragged the heavy pillow rail hard, hunched his horse and grasped the direction in front of him, wife.Zi pushed forward desperately behind him.

the husband is naked, focused and calm; the wife is covered with dust, calm and peaceful, no quarrels, no complaints, only cooperate with tacit operation.

although the work is very tiring and the life is hard, the feelings of husband and wife together, supporting each other and never giving up make people cry.

the way they work is not elegant, but the way they work together is really cool.

some netizens commented: "this is the real husband and wife to follow, husband and wife together, its benefits cut off gold."

Professor Zeng Shiqiang once said:

"if husband and wife have not been poor together, they will not know what true love is. In the days of poverty, two people support each other and share the burden, thus laying the emotional foundation for a lifetime."

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Love is the beginning of marriage, not the essence of marriage. The essence of marriage is more like a cooperation between two people sharing weal and woe.

the feelings of adults go to each other and bear it hand in hand, rather than self-moving and unlimited consumption.

Love is hand in hand, not dragging you away, love is sharing, not holding an umbrella alone.

A good lover can alleviate half of the sufferings of the world, while a bad lover, half of the sufferings of the world are brought by Ta.

there is a bridge between love and love, which is called commitment.

only by being able to commit to each other can we spend the rest of our lives together.

there is a good saying on the Internet:

"Love is the sound and color of dogs and horses, a moment of greed, and love is over a thousand sails, warm wine and tea, a total of cups, brocade silk, light food, ups and downs, ups and downs, taste all over the world, can return to the old mountains and rivers."

the best marriage relationship is:

brocade clothes, show that people can love each other, long company; simple living in a shabby alley, desolate door no one asked, still relative to me all day but not enough, tranquil and Enron.

affectionate, there is no more honor or disgrace than a long companion, do not fight day and night, only the sun and the moon.

May you meet a loved one, two people in one room, three meals and four seasons, unnecessary joys and sorrows, mutual commitment, sharing umbrellas, and peace throughout the year.