766 cases of infection, Chengdu epidemic outbreak, I dare not look at their moments.

766 cases of infection, Chengdu epidemic outbreak, I dare not look at their moments.
This city will eventually usher in its own unique fireworks and the horn of freedom.


the view of life of the table

I never expected that it was Chengdu's turn.

as of 24:00 on August 31, there were 766 positive cases in Chengdu.

even if we see a lot of strong winds and waves, the data of Chengdu is still not optimistic.

on the whole, the epidemic situation in Chengdu is growing rapidly.

it broke out on August 25 and increased explosively in just a few days on the 31st.

to make matters worse, the epidemic is still on the rise.

for a while, Chengdu entered a state of high alert.

Chengdu issued an announcement:

from September 1 to 4, all nucleic acids were carried out in the city.

from 18:00 on September 1st, all residents will stay at home in principle.

do not leave Rong unless necessary.

except for the basic facilities to ensure the livelihood of the public, places of entertainment and so on will be closed.

Shuangliu Airport and Tianfu Airport cancel about 70% of flights.

Chengdu faces an uphill battle.

during this period of time, it has been going through five hurdles and chopping six generals.

because of the extreme heat and power constraints, the city has just gone through a big exam.

however, before we had time to catch our breath, the test of the epidemic came unexpectedly.

people in this city are clenching their teeth to meet the challenge.

in recent years, we have seen too many cities respond to the epidemic.

I have seen too much, and people are numb.

but Chengdu is still worth writing.

in the past half a year, its difficulties, positivity and optimism are worth seeing.

this year is not the first time that Chengdu has experienced an epidemic.

everyone reacted with poignant skill.

the third Ring Road on the first day of static, in contrast to the lively and bustling days in the past, Chengdu, where the pause button was pressed, made people cry.

the originally bustling Chunxi Road, shops were closed and the floating population was greatly reduced.

only those who carried out nucleic acid testing formed a long queue.

citizens said: only nucleic acid testing points and Shang Chao, there are people.

as a metropolis with a population of more than 21 million, eating and drinking has become a problem that citizens are most concerned about.

when they first heard the news of the closure, the people of Chengdu really panicked.

like a tug of war, citizens quickly bought up all the pork in the market.

every one of the food frames in the store is empty.

the poultry counter in the supermarket is cleaner than a human face.

the refrigerator in every household is more abundant than the container supply in the supermarket.

the trunk is also full of dishes.

some people laugh and say that this is a crazy Thursday for the people of Chengdu.

it can be seen that the news of blocking and controlling still has a great impact on the public.

but soon, someone in Chengdu will have a voice.

there is no need to snap up and hoard.

the city is well-stocked, and the take-out and vegetable-buying platform increases the distribution volume by 2-3 times.

Shang Chao and farmers' markets are open normally.

these safeguards have undoubtedly given the public a reassurance.

the epidemic is not so terrible, as long as life is guaranteed, they believe that Chengdu, which stays at home quietly and bustling, will soon return.

when the pause button was pressed, the people of Chengdu showed amazing unity, selflessness and generosity.

Chengdu Metro received a call from a mother-in-law.

her wife needs dialysis, but because of the epidemic, she can't get out in the community.

A volunteer named Yang Lei helped bring out the old man and called a car to take the old man to the hospital.

the fare for three round trips is all paid by Yang Lei.

the old couple had been trying to give him money, but Yang Lei refused.

the old man said: if it hadn't been for Yang Lei, his wife might have lost her life.

We can't let the baby contribute and pay for it.

this recording of the phone is very moving.

everyone knows that volunteer work means hard work, risk, and less time with your family.

but Yang Lei and his wife are duty-bound to contribute to their own city.

the children are still young, so they can only bear it and devote themselves to the great righteousness.

there are many people like Yang Lei and his wife in Chengdu.

Chengdu, high temperature for more than a month.

two volunteers fainted from heatstroke.

the citizens around them helped them take off their protective clothing, and some people used paper shells to cool them down.

these pictures make people feel very worried.

on a hot day, who doesn't want to stay at home and turn on the air conditioner and watch TV?

but no salary, no bonus, no return, they still choose to come forward.

of course the family will be worried, and they will naturally be nervous.

but every strength is for the city to return to normal more quickly.

there is a picture on the Internet.

July 17, a doctor

the nurse, his clothes soaked with sweat, printed the pattern of Donald Duck on his back.

those are two daughters who cheer for their father and draw them on their backs.

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he is the father of the child and the guardian of the city.

his city is sick, and he takes the lead and rushes ahead.

under the high temperature, lift the protective mask, the face is covered with sweat.

may fall into your eyes at any time, causing pain in your life.

but even so, stick to it.

because someone needs them.

someone's face is branded with a deep mask.

someone fainted at work.

some people leave home and live directly in the closed area.

this is a very hot season, and the high temperature is scorching the land of Sichuan and Chongqing.

but I didn't see any flinching when the city needed it most.

even if there is a sudden torrential rain in the middle of the night, the canopy of the nucleic acid detection site will be blown over.

during the rainstorm, citizens and medical volunteers still made concerted efforts to sort out the nucleic acid.

there were complaints, but no one accepted it.

this is the tacit understanding of all people in Chengdu.

they believe that the city they love will come back to life.

they are sure that if they answer the call, they will overcome the difficulties.

and this city will eventually usher in its own unique fireworks and the horn of freedom.

I saw a picture on the Internet that vividly summed up the difficulties of Chengdu in the past few months.

epidemic situation, high temperature, power restriction, etc. Wave after wave, wave after wave.

the heat in July and August, the worst in decades, caused a sudden shortage of power supply in Sichuan, a major electric power province.

Enterprises have stopped production and office buildings have lost power.

making nucleic acid in the heat is the most sour experience for people in Chengdu.

the life of ordinary people is difficult.

I can see that at a public charging station, the taxis and taxis waiting to be recharged are already full.

many drivers even have to wait all night before they can be charged.

if you can't charge the battery, you won't be able to take the job the next day and there will be no income.

the reason behind the long wait is to live in compromise.

after the power cut, the hot pot clerk cooled the ice and cardboard fans directly.

the bustling Taiguri business circle is full of darkness.

electricity is limited in office buildings, and some workers use ice cubes to cool down.

some carry the mainframe home to work.

nothing can stop the people of Chengdu from working and living.

even though there are many difficulties ahead, they are still full of hope.

the sky falls and one day is quilted.

people fall down and use the ground as a bed.

smile, no matter how difficult it is, you can get through it.

it is hard to chew, but still rushes forward.

in just a few months, I deeply felt the charm and boldness of Chengdu.

No other city, like Chengdu today, is as hard as it is, yet full of warmth.

Chengdu has always been a city full of human feelings.

like its food, it is hot but full of pyrotechnics.

High temperature, epidemic situation, power restriction. Chengdu has won a very difficult hand this year.

can pass sad, closed, male pass long, but also brilliant!

Chengdu people are optimistic and open-minded at heart.

if there is a difficulty on one side, support from all sides.

Bazhong medical staff went to Chengdu to provide support.

people are crowded as far as they can see.

Nucleic acid sampling teams in Linshui County, Neijiang, Zhongjiang and other counties and cities in Guang'an City have gone out to support Chengdu.

like brothers and sisters, there may be some stumbling and unforgiving in their mouths.

but when needed, they will hold your hand and drag you out of the quagmire.

this is the belief engraved in the bones of the people in the land of Bashu.

the medical team is going out, and ordinary people are also trying to shimmer.

the restaurant owner made 370 meals for the hard-working white.

A two-way trip of kindness and kindness makes people see the hope of the city.

this is the loyalty of the people of Chengdu.

you guard the city, and we will back you up.

Don't ask for fame, let alone return.

the only idea is to contribute to the city you love.

We see that after disaster, there are always countless people who come forward to act as the backbone of the city.

before the disaster, they turned their grievances into jokes and teased themselves.

someone gave advice to friends who grabbed food and went to nearby restaurants to stock up on food.

Open your mind.

some people are still sharing delicious takeout, which makes people salivate.