10 little things to make yourself happy

10 little things to make yourself happy
Make it a habit to be happy for the rest of your life.





once read a report:

the host interviewed a centenarian and asked him, "what is your secret recipe for longevity?"

the old man smiled and said, "there is no secret to longevity. Just live happily every day."

indeed, in life, we have to go through a lot of pain and setbacks, and we will inevitably encounter unhappy times.

Happiness is a day, and so is unhappiness. Why not live every day happily?

here are 10 little things to cheer yourself up and give them to everyone.


bask in the sun

basking in the sun can not only relieve people's mood and improve the body's immunity, but also enhance the content of vitamin D.

but you can't be exposed to the sun. You should appropriately bask in the sun according to whether the weather is good or bad, so as to avoid exposure and heat stroke.

basking in the sun for 15 minutes a day can make people feel happy.

according to statistics:

people living in sunny areas are significantly less likely to suffer from depression than people in sunny areas.


exercise ten minutes a day

exercise cures not only our bodies, but also emotional relief.

exercise lies in enjoying the emptiness of the body.

do some exercise when you are tired or bored, take a walk or jog.

it can ease people's nervous emotions, enhance mental vitality, and make people feel happier.


enjoy good food

maybe you've had this experience:

when you are in a bad mood, enjoy a delicious meal and chew each dish slowly, and your mood will slowly improve in the process.

it can be seen that there is nothing that cannot be solved by a delicious meal.

people will get rid of all their boredom at the moment of feasting.

Gourmet food is a continuation of a good mood and can make people happy all day.


have a chat with friends

pour out your troubles as much as you like, and the whole person will be at ease.

and it would be great if your annoying friends can help you solve your troubles, both financially and mentally, don't carry it yourself when you're in trouble.

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this kind of self-exposure is actually more conducive to the consolidation of their relationship.

the so-called friends become closer when they take advantage of each other.


the rule of going to bed and getting up early

the study found that people who go to bed early and get up early are mostly calm and cheerful, and it is difficult to suffer from depression.

Mr. Schopenhauer once said:


the biggest mistake that human beings can make is to trade health for other things outside the body.


No matter how bad the mood is, no matter how stressful it is, you should also pay attention to your body.

you know, health is the source of everything.

those who can control themselves and let themselves go to bed early and get up early can control life.


clean the room regularly

I once heard someone say, "to clean up the room is to clean up the mood."

I think so. Cleaning the room regularly and doing more simplification and abandonment can satisfy people's pursuit of high quality of life and sweep away the boredom in their hearts.

when you are in a bad mood, do a thorough cleaning at home.

living in a clean environment, the mood will become comfortable and comfortable.


everything should be based on health

there are so many things we want to have on the road of life.

therefore, there are destined to be a lot of things that you can't get no matter how hard you try.

when you desperately want more things, your health will be lost faster and your heart will be exhausted.

the secret of health is not to ask for it, not to expect it.

keep a healthy heart, optimistic, not alarmist.

Don't panic in case of trouble, don't be busy with work, you will feel more comfortable.


take care of yourself and make beauty last

everyone has a love of beauty.

No matter how old you are, don't forget to dress yourself up every day.

the so-called phase is born from the heart, good-looking people will bring a sense of feast for the eyes.

as said in influence:

"good-looking people obviously have a great social advantage. They are more likeable, persuasive and get help more frequently."


the more people attach importance to their own image, the more comfortable life will be.


find a hobby that you can stick to

Life needs a little hobby.

everyone's hobbies are different. They can be growing flowers, reading books or traveling.

the older you are, the more you want to manage your hobby.

hobbies can make people keep their own beauty in the tedious world.

stick to your hobbies in order to live a more enjoyable life.


read a book you like

"Books are the best in the world.The phrase "good nutrition" is true.

when people are depressed, they can choose to read a book they like so that their hearts can be relaxed for a moment.

it can be a book related to hard-core knowledge, learn something and sigh the magic of the book.

can be a novel, and the mood will rise and fall with the fate of the protagonist.

can be biographies of celebrities and experience the wisdom of wise people in life.

the more books you read, the more relieved you become.

so find a way to cheer yourself up.

the older you get, the more you will find that there is nothing in the world worth worrying about.

all difficulties will pass, and all sufferings will become history.

make happiness a habit for the rest of your life.

only when happiness is always around, can we face life happily with the best mood.